2022: A Year In Review

2022: A Year In Review

Happy Holidays from Sabrina Spanta!

Mariah Carey DOES in fact deserve to be #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 every December. Participating in all the holiday goings-on is some of the most fun to have all year: going to the theater, ice skating despite having zero sense of balance, and baking way too much for friends and families are all part of the gig. On behalf on the Sabrina Spanta team, we’re wishing a happy holiday to our readers full of warmth, love, and celebration with loved ones. <3

Our blog this week is our Year In Review, and looking back on all the fun we’ve had in 2022. It was a wild one! 

We’ve had a fantastic 2022 filled with fashion and adventure. We kicked off the beginning of the year with lots of Project Runway celebrations with the airing of the finale. In February, we saw Sabrina’s feature in Hour Detroit Magazine, and the X-Pant stocking the racks at Detroit Is The New Black! With lots of hard work in tow, Sabrina presented her first capsule collection at EVOLVE Fashion Experience, “Collection 002”. 

“For me, Collection 002 was a moment in time of self-discovery and reflection on my identity. After leaving Project Runway, I wanted to prove to myself that I can really do this. This is my passion, and I’m never going to stop. I took time to myself and was sewing every single day in and day out. Everything just came naturally to me. I wanted to display my signature as a designer because previously, I felt that my creative identity and artistic hand was unidentifiable. Collection 002 is a kickoff where you really get to see who I am.”

In April, Sabrina’s fashion took the stage by storm in Greenville Fashion Week, with plush pink tulle, sophisticated crew necks, and X-Pants galore! We took our extravagant pink tulle to Costco (you know, get a little grocery shopping done in between), launched Sabrina Spanta Bridal in September, and announced our fantastic partnership with Wolf and Badger! 

Whew. What a busy year. And we’re just getting started. We appreciate all of you for supporting the brand in 2022! Starting a fashion brand is a tall stack of work and a constant cycle of creation, reevaluation, and improvement. But we’re up to the challenge! We can’t wait to share what’s next for Sabrina Spanta in the new year.

Our holiday treat for you is our Staff Picks! These are all of our favorites to either give or receive as a gift this year. We’re putting a little spotlight on brands we’re loving and products we can’t get enough of. Maybe you’ll be able to tick off the last few gifts on your list, or find a little treat for yourself.



BOOKS: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Self care check! How are you doing? If you’re finding yourself in a season of personal growth, “A New Earth” is a fantastic read. This book contains multitudes within trying to find deeper meaning in your own life without the influence of others. Highly recommend it if you're in the mood to sit down for personal reflection and reevaluate what is important to you in this life.

PLACES: Denmark

If you keep up with Sabrina Spanta on Instagram, you’ll know that Sabrina spent the year’s end traveling in Germany and Denmark! Special notes go to the Designmuseum of Denmark in Copenhagen, which held some incredibly inspirational exhibitions of the Danish legacy in design, architecture, and furniture. Danish design is well known for its devotion to craftsmanship, and have a beautiful cultural signature in every aspect of design, from furniture to fashion. If you’re googling this right now (do it!), you’ll notice very specific and very subtle design shapes that are unique and absolutely stunning.


GAMES: Chameleon

Planning on gifting this game to my brother for Christmas, because I am obsessed with it. The deception. The betrayal. The accusation. The object of the game is to unmask the Chameleon without giving away the secret word. If you are the Chameleon then your mission is to blend in with the other players, avoid detection and work out the secret word.My closest friends and I will pull this game out when there’s bad weather or we just need an evening in to have some chaos.


MUSIC: Sudan Archives, Natural Brown Prom Queen

Favorite album release of 2022! Sudan Archives has been one of my favorite new artists in the last few years, and I could not stop listening to her album “Athena” in 2019. And I’m doing it again with NBPQ! She originally became popular as a skilled violinist, and brings classical music and R&B together into a bad bitch masterpiece.


DESIGN: Tambour Needle

This handy tool is used for embroidery and decorative chain stitching. Tehila has been designing up a storm the last few months, and is excited to be creating a wedding dress for her sister-in-law with custom embroidery using a gorgeous real silver vintage French thread found on Etsy! Tambour needles have a hand on the beautiful details you can see on many bridal and eveningwear dresses, and add a touch of luxury and handiwork to a gown!


FASHION: Cropped Leather Jacket

This stylish number is a must have for bar crawling in the winter, working, family dinners, anywhere!. A cropped leather jacket is such a staple piece with a subtle edge and enough versatility to get you through all of your to-do’s of the day. We love fashion for longevity here in Sabrina Spanta world, and having those go-to pieces in your wardrobe will create long lasting statement looks for years to come.

GAMES: Code Names

“A truly underrated game. My roommates and I had the best memories playing this and introduced it to our friends who beg us to play every time we see them now. It’s so addicting it’s ridiculous.” Code Names is a game in which two teams compete by each having a "spymaster" give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. The other players on the team attempt to guess their team's words while avoiding the words of the other team. A great pick for a charcuterie-and-games night!

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