A Night of Celebration

A Night of Celebration

Hello Friends!

This isn't our typical blog format but I wanted to come on here and formally thank all of my supporters. For those of you who weren’t able to attend November 3rd I hosted the Sabrina Spanta Launch Party featuring the X-Pant, graciously hosted by the Daxton hotel, and it was a success!! The night was absolutely magical, filled with celebration, giving back, mingling with friends and family, networking, inspiring speeches, and of course what is a party without champagne? 

Before kicking off the event I gave a speech expressing how I wanted this event to be a symbol of female empowerment and embody the campaign slogan She Wears the Pants. Prior to me speaking Florine Mark, entrepreneur and inspiration, was gracious enough to attend the launch party and share her experience as a woman in business fighting to the top. She even wore the X-Pant during her speech and totally rocked them. In both of our speeches we emphasised the importance of women supporting women, that is why 100% of the proceeds from the event were donated to Women For Afghan Women. We raised a significant amount of money, I can’t imagine the amount of assistance this is going to provide the women of Afghanistan and it is all thanks to you my supporters. 

A little more about the launch, we had models Hanna Wrong, Kristine Mason, and Elizabeth Anderson ornamented the evening in Sabrina Spanta originals - a two piece yellow gown, a pink gown with a double sided over the shoulder sash, and a pair of the black satin X-Pants. Their hair was slicked back into a tight clean pony, and their makeup was fresh and clean, thanks to Katrina Malota at Salon 6. In addition to the support I have received from friends and family, the local support from businesses has also been incredible. 

Guests were also able to fully experience the X-Pant by being able to touch and try on the pants in person. The black satin and blue check pairs were on display at the Daxton and received fabulous reviews from party goers. Guests had the chance to try on the X-Pant for size in the Daxton’s exclusive wine tasting room with assistance from PR intern Jessica. Purchases were also made available at the launch with the help of marketing intern Olivia, who was also checking guests in at the front desk. 

Overall, the launch was truly a night to remember. I want to thank everyone who attended, and bought a ticket, from the bottom of my heart. My dreams would not be coming to life without your support and generosity. 



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