Abortion From Different Lenses

Abortion From Different Lenses

A lot has happened this past week. We live in a time where we need to think twice before we bring a child into this world. We all have a responsibility as a society to fight for what’s right! We did some digging and interviewed people of all ages to hear their perspectives on abortion. Here is what they have to say:



Tell me an experience you had that made you think twice about having a child.

"I never thought twice about having a child. I always wanted a little baby that I could love and raise"

"I would say whenever my children had medical issues, whenever I was faced with decisions, or when I was scared, it made me think twice about having children. It put me in a very vulnerable spot."

      "It is scary thinking about having a kid because of all of the things that go on in the world. A kid is like your own heart  walking around and all you want to do is protect it. But, with all of the school shootings it makes you think twice." 

"I never thought twice. Yes, I was scared and it was hard at times, but I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a mother."

What is your opinion on abortion? 

"I believe that everyone should have the right to have the option to have an abortion. There is so many different cases in which someone would need/want to have an abortion that it is inhumane to not be able to have that as a right"

"Though I have never been put in that situation, I believe my heart I am pro-life. But, regarding the law I am pro-choice. I feel every women should be able to choose for themselves"

"Abortion is healthcare and I think people should be able to make decisions for their own body. Men and lawmakers should never be able to tell women what to do with their body.”

"I am pro-life and I do believe that abortion is wrong. Scripture says that abortion is evil. But, I do not judge others because that is something they will have to work out with God themselves"

"Women should have the right to make their own decisions about abortion. There is so much that goes into pregnancy and having a kid. If someone is not physically or mentally prepared to have a baby they should be able to make their own choice."

Why did you want to have kids? 

"Because I wanted a family. I wanted my own family."

"One day you are going to get old and need someone to take care of you. I wanted a big family."

"Well, I love babies. But, I feel like I’ve always wanted children. It is something that I always knew inside of me. After talking to my husband we knew it would complete our family and give us a lot of love in our life. It just completes us."

"I grew up in a big family with 9 sisters and brothers. I wanted to have a family of my own with lots of love. Family always has your back"



After sitting down and talking with nine different people, we gained powerful perspectives from each person. We believe women deserve the right to make all choices involving their body and we can use fashion to vocalize what we stand for. Fashion is much more than the clothing on our bodies. It is meant to evoke emotion and be the voice you dare not to speak! It is a living, breathing entity within itself. But, we are what gives fashion character and expression. We are the key to change. Have you thought about how the clothes you wear may make a difference?




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