Bridal Trends of 2023

Bridal Trends of 2023

Spring has sprung - the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming…and the wedding is six months away. Oof.

During the wedding season, there are so many decisions to be made in such little time. In the spirit of the season (and currently being OBSESSED with Sophia Richie’s wedding photos), we’ve compiled some of the best trends in bridal for 2023. Let’s go!

01: Ballgowns

If you’re aiming for a fairytale day, don’t be afraid to go all out with a ballgown! This is a stark contrast to many of the more demure and quietly elegant silhouettes that have been popular in years past. If you’re looking for a sign to have a show stopping dress, this is it. It’s your day, go all out! Ballgowns are a beautiful way to highlight the waist, and will make you look and feel like you’re floating on air. Give the ballgowns a try!

02: 3D Elements

Elements of texture have been spotted in many couture gowns this year - flowers, bows, crystals, lace applique, pearls, you name it! Kind of in line with the excess of beauty that ballgowns bring to the table, giving your dress some more dimensional texture and add that extra oomph. It’s also a great way to inject some of your personality into your gown if you decide on custom bridal design - The possibilities to make your dress truly “you” are endless.

03: Cold Shoulder

If you’re more of the romantic type, a cold shoulder gown might be the one for you. Spotted in many bridal looks, a cold shoulder with a puffy princess sleeve adds a touch of sweetness. This style brings volume to the top of the dress, and makes the shoulders and collarbones look dainty and graceful. Some styles of cold shoulder have even extended the sleeve all the way down to the wrist, making the arms look like those of a ballerina. If you’re wanting to live your best Barbie-Swan-Lake fantasy, a cold shoulder gown is a stunning choice.

04: Sheer

Want a luxury look that’s not so fussy? Sheer fabrics will be your friend. Creating a dreamy look, layering transparent fabrics like organza or crepe can put a mature twist on your gown. If you’ve ever wanted to look how Florence and The Machine sounds, try some sheer gowns! Even including some applique or crystals adds to the dreaminess of this look without going over the top. 

05: Corsetry Details

A lot of girls run for the hills when they hear the word “corset” - the intern writing this used to be scared of corsets too. But there are many ways that the beautiful details of corsetry can be incorporated into bridal without suffering through a too cinched waist - we live in the modern age! Have no fear! Try some gowns with bustier tops, delicate lacing in the back or at the wrists, or some interesting boning details. Corsets have been quite popular for awhile now, and for good reason! There are few garments that are as truly feminine as the corset, and using elements of it in bridal is a great way to add some complex beauty to the look.

There we go! Take this information and run. Be confident in your choices, and you’ll have no trouble finding a dress that calls to you. We hope this information helps you figure out how you want to look on your big day! Celebrate, be excited, and feel beautiful!



Bridal by Sabrina, Becca and Kai. Photography taken by Andie Avery.

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