Caring is the First Step

Caring is the First Step

Running a fashion brand is difficult. Running an independent fashion brand is two-fold difficult. Running an independent fashion brand that feels it’s right to report happy workers, responsible sourcing, and low-impact aspects is, as you can imagine, ten-fold difficult! Working towards conscious goals in a very intense, crowded, and more-often-than-not wasteful industry (like fashion can be), can feel like your head is spinning. Caring is the first step, and education is the second.

We are proud to announce Sabrina Spanta’s partnership with Wolf & Badger. It is very exciting to join the countless other brands championing ethical fashion and beauty on their site! We work hard to make our garments available on their platform, and couldn’t be happier with the result. Having platforms like Wolf & Badger are a fantastic resource for folks wanting to shop consciously, and a marketplace for independent brands who operate in responsible ways to succeed.

Being a part of Wolf & Badger allows us to showcase the hard work and extra time that goes into the “care” part - from the beginning, Sabrina has always made a point to source responsibly right here in the USA, and hire manufacturers in hometown Detroit, Michigan. This also means that we can chase new goals, one of which is a new carbon-neutral certification. That’s the thing about brand consciousness - there will always be ways to improve efficiency and how we can simultaneously be creative and Do The Right Thing.

Wolf & Badger is a comprehensive marketplace for both caring and education on conscious fashion. They host qualified designers, and uphold a standard of excellence focused on a sustainable fashion industry. Designers can focus on causes of consciousness that they work hardest for - safe conditions for garment workers, usage of toxic-free dyes, fragrances that do not test on animals, and supporting artisanal practices.

To develop a fashion brand is a brave undertaking where the peaks and valleys never seem to end. Every day can be exhausting, filled with task after task with the end goal of what feels like a basic social responsibility. Many of us, designers and shoppers alike, sometimes feel that we’re too small to influence any change. But when we have discussions, when we create and have access to conscious platforms like Wolf & Badger, is when we can start to feel more confident and powerful in what we do.

The journey to getting Sabrina onto the virtual shelves of Wolf & Badger is exciting, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store in the coming months. We feel like we’re joining a talented and supportive community, and look forward to continuing the growth of the Sabrina Spanta brand with Wolf & Badger.

P.S. We are now available for shipping to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. :)

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