Entering A New Era

Entering A New Era

Hello and Happy New Year!

We are so excited to jump headfirst into 2023 with you all! We kicked off our year with our New Era fashion event at Wolf & Badger in Soho, and it was a blast! We had celebratory drinks to share, models strutting up and down the staircase, and were joined by the fantastic Brooklyn-based painter Jacob Frazier (IG: @watercolwhore), who live-painted our models as they posed and stunted around the shop. The store staff was absolutely wonderful and we were so happy to have a successful event. 

Getting to host this celebration alongside Wolf & Badger brings it full circle for us, and reminds us why we started this brand in the first place. Wolf & Badger challenges the way we traditionally produce and consume in society by holding that heightened standard of quality and ethical practice. This event allowed us to reflect on what exactly is important to us.

This brings us to our top priority in 2023: Storytelling. 

As fashion designers, we are storytellers. For us, this means stepping back to a place of authentic thinking and remembering our roots. Why did we do this? Our mission statement reads “our pursuit for quality and craftsmanship, instilling confidence and power to every woman one pant at a time.” In 2022, Sabrina Spanta began and we were able to accomplish so much. It’s important that as we grow and continue to have success, we keep our strongest goal in mind: To give voice to the women of Afghanistan who are not being heard. Fashion is more than making stuff - it’s a vessel to tell stories and it’s a voice to people, places, and culture that are not talked about otherwise.

One of our big themes for 2023 is consciousness. In 2022, we were able to cement the “Sabrina Spanta'' name and solidify our identity. Our values are strong and transparent, which can guide our future actions wherever the wind takes us. We’ve been able to have some amazing moments, participate in shows, announce collection launches and get some attention doing so. Keeping a steady head and remaining mindful of our impact keeps us in check when we get caught up in the high-fidelity world of fashion. Fashion designers are problem-solvers as much as they are storytellers, and we believe in taking responsibility for our production. This means care for our craft, our materials, our workers, and every step of production from ideation to the wearer. We want to remain mindful and stay true to our values in the coming year.


Another theme is continual creativity! We hope to tackle new projects this year alongside fashion! Creativity does not exist in a vacuum, and we are learning this as we spend more time poring over what we want the “Sabrina Spanta brand” to be. If we don’t feel like designing for fashion, we quite literally don’t have to. Taking inspiration and running with it is exciting! 2023 should be a year of creation to experiment wildly, adjust accordingly. We could make a small candle collection, or get really into Danish Teak furniture. A “brand”, as it exists as an identity, is only that. It could be short-sighted to turn down an opportunity to be creative just because it “doesn’t fit”. The brand is whatever shape we want it to be, and we owe it to being a team of crazy creatives to think outside the box!


We’ve got goals and plans, but understand it’s a process to chip away at. After an exciting kickoff to the new year, we are reminded of our roots and are determined to tell the stories that aren’t being told. We’re excited about what the year has in store for us. Bring it on, 2023!

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