How to Style Your Necklace 3 Different Ways

How to Style Your Necklace 3 Different Ways

Fashion is full of surprises and we’re all for picking up a fresh new trend. A true fashionista never shies away from trying a new look. For this next trend all you need is yourself and a necklace. Have you ever thought about wearing your necklace backwards?  Listen, it may not be as crazy as you think. Jennifer Lawrence wore her necklace backwards, making a statement on award show red carpets. Nicole Kidman was also infamously pictured in Chanel ads with her necklace the opposite way.  This is an accessory hack that is sure to elevate your look and make everyone notice. The best part about this subtle styling trick is that it won't cost you a thing! 

How to style it?

Don’t overthink it. Go in your closet and grab any necklace you have! There is no specific way you have to style this trend. Just about any neck-piece will work! It could be anything from a stone pendant to a simple gold chain. You could also elevate the look with layering multiple necklaces. The backwards necklace would look beautiful with a backless dress or top. Even brides could wear pearls or stones backwards for a mesmerizing look. How perfect would it be to wear your backwards necklace on a hot date?


This backward look got us thinking. What if we wore our necklace as a hand piece? Or as an earring? The styling is endless. These looks are sure to turn heads and make you question why we didn’t think of this sooner. Just one necklace can be worn over and over again and never get old. We are introducing 3 ways to wear your necklace. Wrap your chain necklace around your hand any way that you want. You can create different looks by going around different fingers or adding rings. With a thin chain necklace you could also lace through your ear as an earring. Let it gracefully hang down your neck or wrap around your ear. These simple tricks can take your look to the next level. 

Wear your necklace 3 different ways. We’re living a more sustainable life, fashionably. Sustainability is chic. Save money by thinking about versatility. Just one accessory can be worn in several different ways. Challenge yourself to think of new ways to wear the things you own. Can you think of any other ways to style your necklace?

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