Sharing the Love: NYFW in Review

Sharing the Love: NYFW in Review

Sharing the Love: NYFW in Review

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day! Or week, rather. We’re in a season of love, which I’ve been appreciating a whole lot. We love the season of love! Spreading joy and appreciation with others makes the world a more lovely place to be. It can be hard to gravitate our brains away from the grind of the workdays, or just maybe a streak of things not going right. Do something unexpected for someone you love this week! Bake a sweet treat to bring to the office to share, or send a postcard to a loved one that’s far away. Just to say hi. In these times, thoughtfulness is underrated and we can share a whole lot of simple joy through the little things.

It is ALSO…New York Fashion Week. Yay! We’ve seen a lot of fashion the last few days! This week, we want to spread the love to some of our favorite looks that hit the runway for F/W 2023. And, to keep it fun, we’re going with our favorite looks in red, pink and white. For purely no other reason than the holiday. Sometimes it’s important to keep it fun. Here we go!

Starting off our list in style is Puppets and Puppets. Designer Carly Mark is really out here keeping it sophisticated and silly at the same time! We love! Her sweet treat-themed purses and bags have been exploding online, so it makes us happy to see a fabulously thoughtful collection follow suit. The collection itself is versatile, a great balance of deep surrealism and not-so-seriousness. It feels like this last year has been a fantastic year for the brand, and well-deserved. This woman is fierce. If you’ve been looking for a sign to follow Puppets and Puppets, this is it. More please.

Photo from Puppets and Puppets

Up next is Proenza Shouler. It’s hard not to find yourself in awe when the show kicks off with Chloe Sevigny stunting in an edgy suited moment. But celebrity appearance aside, this collection had some beautiful outerwear, and came in hot with some very elegant dresses. The image we selected is a beautiful, shimmering look that stood out in the collection. The silhouette is uncomplicated, leaving the fantastic fabric choice to do the legwork. Fabulous.

Photo from WWD



Another one of our faves is the one and only Marc Jacobs. Ever an earnest designer, this collection was a beautifully designed homage to Vivienne Westwood. While Vivienne’s posthumous touch lived very much in this work, Marc Jacobs took her irrepressible spirit in a direction all his own. The quilted coats, baggy pocketed skirts, and leather all made a fantastic runway statement. And, let this be a masterclass in styling. Chunky platform boots, edgy short cuts of hair, and long gloves all push this collection to the next level. 

Photo from Marc Jacobs

An honorable mention we feel we MUST include among our faves has to be Rihanna’s look at the Super Bowl this Sunday. M’am!!! During her halftime performance, Rihanna wore none other than Loewe, directed by Jonathan Anderson, an all red ensemble that contained all the edgy femininity that we could ask for! With that hot jumpsuit moment with a chic molded breastplate, Rihanna was the only woman in the room - or the stadium. We love Rihanna in this household, and so happy for her to be welcoming a second child to the world!

 Photo from Rolling Stone

Even though the Valentine’s Day season feels like it goes by so quickly, we should be sharing love all year long. One thing we get to love all year long is fashion - we’ve seen so many stunning moments in fashion this past week alone, and it’s only February? We’ve still got so much of the year to go, and we’ve already had some showstopping looks on the runway, on the carpet, and on the stage. It feels more vibrant, and a little bit more out there than years past. With designers embracing wilder concepts of hyperreality and a plethora of new creative directors in large houses, the fashion of 2023 hasn’t come to play. We’re in for a wild time this year - and we LOVE it!

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