Vamp Your Versatality

Vamp Your Versatality

 Gina! We have a problem. 

When our original photographer called in sick the day before our promotional X-Pant shoot, the team panicked. However, before the worry was able to sink in too deep, our proactive intern Olivia jumped to problem solving. On a whim, she called up a friend, Sara Seryani. Thanks to previous connections, Sara came to the rescue, lending her talents to the team for a day of creative collaboration. 

After establishing a solid outline for the day's shoot, Sabrina and Sara headed to the backyard to warm up and start shooting. Meanwhile, Jess and Olivia hung back to steam garments, lay out accessories, and make sure all the photoshoot outfits corresponded with a previously made mood board. 

Inspiration sent our team speeding to gardens, Birmingham streets, and grocery markets. Showcasing Sabrina’s skills, the goal was to illustrate the versatility of her new X-Pant, which is dropping this fall. 

Strutting in the grocery store with her black satin X-pant, Sabrina styled the piece laid back. She paired them with a red collared leather jacket and an understated bralette beneath - perfect for picking up a carton of milk. 

Swapping the black X-pant for a white satin alternative, Sabrina sported a rather luxe look with a white scarf top, white pearled gloves, and a pearl choker. We were eagerly applauding the look, as our “Luxe” moodboard came to life. With stares from the Birmingham locals, we knew we were doing something right.  

With two satin styles already captured, cotton gingham was the last version to make Sabrina’s creative cut. Changing out of the backseat of our car, she paired a newsie boy hat and cropped black tank before heading to Starbucks. We felt famous being stopped in the street by a woman wondering where she could buy Sabrina’s pants. Confidence surged through Sabrina, and us as a team, as Sara snapped street style shots, knowing that our pants were desired. 

The X-Pant is effortless but can still make a statement. Based upon how you style them, they can capture an array of your many voices. Sabrina wants to show you the versatility of her pieces, and she is itching to show you what else she can do. Keep an eye out for our launch on November 3rd 2021.



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