Pre-Fall Fashion Check

Pre-Fall Fashion Check

Image by Sporty and Rich.

We are officially entering the pre-fall season of the year! While we’re very excited to get our fall fashions underway, the weather might not allow us to swap out our wardrobe just yet.

This week, we’re talking pre-fall styling. We’re compiling our best looks that take you from the lingering heat of the day into the cooled down nights.



We’re not quite sure why everyone’s got the pickleball bug recently, but we’re not mad! Tennis and racquet sportswear is a huge trend spot at the moment. You can put some prep in your step with a pleated miniskirt, light sweater or vest, and low-rise sneaks. Clean lines, classic patterns, and a polished yet casual vibe make this style easy and breezy for August.

STAFF PICK: Prince Sporty Pleated Skirt, Sporty and Rich


Consider: The Long Shorts

On more and more fashion media, we’re seeing lots of longer, almost cargo-length shorts. Why not give it a try? Pair a longer trouser short with a bustier top, and an oversized blazer to maintain the versatility of your outfit, and for great trend points. You can also tuck a fitted t-shirt or blouse into longer shorts to create a more balanced silhouette. For a semi-formal or dressier occasion, you can elevate your long shorts by pairing them with a well-fitted button-up shirt - a french-tuck style does wonders for sophisticated simplicity in this look!

STAFF PICK: Pleated Tailored Shorts, COS

Signet Rings

To us, August is a pretty lowkey month. End of summer with minimal holidays offers us an opportunity to be more relaxed with the details of our styling.

But just because we’re sticking with simple jewelry doesn’t mean we have to be boring. Right now we’re loving signet rings. Historically, signet rings were used to seal letters with a family insignia by the noble class, with a unique inscription, design or gemstone in the center. Simple design, but holds a lot of uniqueness (Check out our list of Vintage Shops here on Style Files to start sleuthing!) Remember, the key with light accessories is to enhance your outfit without overwhelming it, allowing your personal style to shine through effortlessly.

STAFF PICK: Ribbon Dancer Signet Ring, Trumpet for Two

Strategic Layering

During the pre-fall season, consider layering lightweight pieces with slightly warmer ones. Opt for transitional fabrics like light knits, denim jackets, and long-sleeve tops. Earthy tones and muted colors are great choices for this time of year. Don't forget versatile accessories like scarves and ankle boots. Experiment with mixing summer and fall elements for a stylish look!

STAFF PICK: Nique Mini Dress, ARE YOU AM I

Mountaineering-Style Shoes

Whether you’re a big time hiker or not, the intricate design and comfort of these shoes speaks for itself. Luxury houses have been making major collaborative moves in an effort to be a part of the Gorpcore wave, and well-known brands in the mountaineering space have been in the space for a long time for a reason. They’re also the perfect choice for your outdoor adventures to end the summer right!

STAFF PICK: X Ultra 4 Hiking Shoes, Salomon


Embrace the last hurrahs of summer in style! These tips can help you create stylish outfits while staying comfortable during the hot August days. What are your favorite go-to items this month? You can follow us on Instagram @thisstylefiles for more styling tips, Q&A’s, trends, and more!


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