Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Literally

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Literally


Hey everyone!

Welcome to “Sincerely, Sabrina”. Here, we are your big sisters. Here, we will give you all the styling tips and tricks you need to live your best fashionista life.

Meet Sabrina Spanta. She’s a Detroit based artist with passion for creating ready-to-wear garments that make you feel the most you. We want you to wear your heart on your sleeve - quite literally.

Rather than choosing design, design chose her. After watching her birth father work a second job making clothes as a seamster in Afghanistan to make ends meet, Sabrina grew curious about the industry. Despite watching him sew day in and day out, Sabrina didn’t realize that was something she’d be interested in long term. 

Sabrina’s birth mother then passed around the age of five years old, resulting in her and her sister Anosha’s adoption by their great aunt, who is now their mother and Sabrina’s #1 design critique. After being adopted, she came to Michigan to obtain the opportunities that are absent for the women of Afghanistan. 

Sabrina would tell you herself- the culture shock was real. She had never seen so much milk in one aisle, let alone in her life. She also noted how vibrant her neighbors’ lawns were. Gina, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

It was then when her mother taught her to crochet, and her natural talent started to shine through. Unknowingly, she was being led down a path of artistic pursuit.

“By the second grade, I was already making full on sweaters, scarves, and jackets,” Sabrina blushed.

 In her Bloomfield Hills home, fourth grader Sabrina spent all her time sewing in the basement, if she wasn’t in school. When in school, she curated a whole line to present in her high school AP Art class. Somehow, she still didn't know within herself that sewing was her ultimate path. She mentioned that this hobby was more about being in the moment for her, and in those moments, sewing was what she desired to do. However, she discovered that the desire wasn’t just momentary- and it wasn’t going away. 

She’ll admit, with her hands off the wheel, she sat back and let what happened happen. She added, “It was really life’s journey for me, and I was just present for it.”

Obvi, she learned she was not destined to go to med school, as the rest of her family did. Rather, Sabrina moved on to study fashion design at Savannah College for Arts and Design on a scholarship. Denying other schools offering scholarships, she chose Savannah due its southern charm and historic culture. 

While in school, she spent her time serving at restaurants, interning, and endlessly applying to fashion weeks. Sabrina’s designs from her time at SCAD have been featured in Charleston Fashion Week, St. Louis Fashion Week, and CNN News. She describes her time in the South as straight up humbling. It was a very hustle bustle mentality. Work hard, play hard.

After graduating, she moved on to work in design at White House Black Market in Fort Myers, Florida. Having to prioritize finances and her health, due to her Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sabrina chose to work for mass market apparel due to the stable salary and benefits. She partially feels she missed out on her dream of the hustle to work in couture, living couch to couch in New York. She knows though that it was a decision she had no choice but to make- and she kept planting her roots in the fashion industry. 

Since coming back to Michigan, Sabrina has focused on the psychology of clothing, and how metamorphosis leads her personal and her brand’s style. Sabrina’s mission for this brand is to prioritize values of transparency, sustainability, versatility, and philanthropy. Her empathetic nature drives her creative ambitions. 

We are excited to continue to grow as not only a brand, but as a community of storytellers. We can’t wait to see how you express yourself in our clothing as your most unapologetic self. Don’t worry... you’ll hear from us soon. 


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