Winter Style Series: Cold Weather Skincare

Winter Style Series: Cold Weather Skincare

Brace yourselves: winter is coming.

The holidays are a buzzing time, and we might not have as much time for self care during the busy season. Whether it’s working extra hours or wondering what’s “appropriate” to wear to the holiday party, we’ll all be booked and busy. So, we’ve decided to start our Winter Styling Series! These will be small installments of efficient ways to stay stylish as we dive into all of our end-of-year celebrations. 

This week we’re talking about skincare! Everyone’s got a personal style - flirty, edgy, mod or vintage - but one style we all have to keep in check is our skincare. We love feeling stunning inside and out, details and the big picture. But keeping your skin healthy in the cold, dry season can be tough. But we’re here to help!


The key to keeping your skin glowing in the colder months is hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate again. Colder temperatures and wind can dry your skin pretty quickly, and can cause chapping and even cracking if ignored. Preventative care is best! If you can intercept the dryness before it happens, you’ll be on your way to healthy skin in winter.

A simple step is to moisturize after using water, either washing your hands or taking a shower. Using a moisturizer, lotion or cream directly after helps to retain the moisture in your skin rather than letting the cold exposure dry it out. Avoid using moisturizing products with alcohol or heavy fragrance, this can cause irritation and dryness. Simple is best, and we can trust an old reliable: A tin of Shea butter can work wonders. We’re biased towards creams in jars and tins, rather than a lotion that comes in a pump - a pump lotion is usually thinner in formula, and won’t have a long-lasting moisturization as a jar cream or body butter.


If you’re sensing dryness on your arms, legs, midsection, or face, it could be time to exfoliate. Keeping an exfoliant on hand in the winter is a great idea to keep your skin fresh and rid of dead cells.

When exfoliating, keep it gentle. Aggressively using an exfoliant can cause more irritation and harshness. Checking your exfoliant’s ingredients in tandem with gentle use, a good skin exfoliant can be a lifesaver.There are lots of exfoliants out there, as skin is like snowflakes and everyone has their special 35-step morning ritual that is perfect for their individual skin type. We won’t delve too deep into it but a good rule of distinction could be found in “physical exfoliants” vs. “foaming exfoliants”.

Physical exfoliants refer to exfoliating products that use natural ingredients with texture that physically work to exfoliate skin: sugar scrubs, nutshell powders, jojoba beads, etc. Products like these have been around forever and are quite popular, so we’ll say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A physical exfoliant might be a good choice for you. However, these products can be more blunt on skin and could prove too harsh for our more sensitive-skin readers, people with skin allergy, or eczema. For a more sensitive skin, a better choice might be a foaming exfoliant, which exfoliates via the formula.

There are lots of great choices out there for every skin type, choose what works for you and you’ll have smooth and protected skin for months to come!


Another aspect to watch for in winter skincare is: antioxidants. The things in blueberries and pomegranates, yes! Antioxidants can help revive your skin and bring back vitamins that have been lost during the summer. If your face wash includes Vitamins B3, C and E, you’re good to go (Not to mention Vitamin C being a great immune booster to prevent cold and flu). 

Including some antioxidant-rich foods in your diet is a great subconscious way to improve the health of your skin. This is actually easier than you think! Lots of our seasonal fruits and vegetables for winter are full of antioxidants:  beets, cranberries, walnuts, pumpkin, and kale are all fabulous choices that are rich in what your skin needs at this time of year. 


Keeping your skin hydrated and irritation-free during winter can be a task. But integrating a few small steps can feel like a seamless addition to your routine. Skincare is a foundation of style, and feeling healthy and confident even before picking out that cocktail dress is second to none. Stay bundled and stay tuned for the second installment of the Winter Styling Series!


P.S. A massive thank you to stunning model Jess Zyrie, and talented photographer Drew Botcherby. Who knew laundry day could be so glamorous? XOXO

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